Swiss skier Fabian Bösch invented a new Olympic event by dangling from an escalator

Next time you’re in an airport or at a crowded mall and you want to walk up the escalators, do this instead.

Swiss skier Fabian Bösch is really out here grabbing onto the escalator rail and going up using only one arm and, I assume, the strongest grip in recorded human history. He looks so casual doing it, too. There’s a good chance that something like this is probably included in his workout routine because the confidence being displayed here as he ascends to the next flight is incredible. As he goes up, he becomes so stiff that he almost resembles the little figure that’s inside every rosca de reyes.

I had to watch this entire video to make sure he was going to be okay once he made his way to the top. And, just like the initial attempt, he got up with aplomb, just getting both feet up and onto solid ground like he just went on a casual stroll. I wanted to scream at my screen, “NO DON’T DO IT, YOU’RE GOING TO FALL,” but luckily I was proven wrong.

The next time Bösch posts something on social media, I’m going to be expecting something as bold. But this next time, I won’t be concerned, because he’s more than capable of defying physics, apparently.

We need this as an Olympic event in 2022.