Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer ate a whole dang pizza slice in one go

We can all agree that Olympians test the limits of what the human body can accomplish, but when we talk about that, we’re typically talking about their athletic skills. We hardly ever talk about them in the context of voracious eating.

Just look at how silver-medalist Chris Mazdzer devours an entire slice of pizza in one go. Pizza is an excellent choice for a last supper before competing. If you got the pre-competition jitters, just a nice slice of bread and cheese will fix that right up for you. Plus it’s delicious.

Admittedly the slice of pizza is pretty small. It definitely looks like the type of slice you find at a buffet or a cafeteria. Still, though, have you ever been to one of those places and been enticed by the idea of unlimited pizza only to find out that the slices look like finger foods? That itself is a challenge to eat as much pizza and in as many ways as possible. Chris Mazdzer only did what the serving suggested size dared him to do. Chris should have done an encore by grabbing more slices of pizza and eating them like ice cream rolls.

If you don’t think eating a whole slice of pizza is impressive, you definitely shouldn’t record yourself trying it and send it to @SBNation on Twitter. Please don’t hurt yourselves.