D’Angelo Russell got in his bag and hit 7 threes in one quarter

D’Angelo Russell must have felt good about his jump shot, because he started shooting in the first quarter of Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Raptors and wouldn’t miss. In that 12-minute span, Russell knocked down seven triples in just eight attempts, a blistering shooting moment for the 22-year-old Net.

Here are the seven threes:

Obviously, Toronto messed up. They left Russell wide open on the first few looks, and once he had a few go down, it was time for heat checks that kept falling for him. It allowed Russell to score 24 points in the quarter, but he couldn’t quite crack the record books. Klay Thompson famously hit nine threes in one quarter, and three players have tied for eight, most recently Kevin Love in November 2016.

Russell had only been making 31 percent of his threes headed into this game, but that quarter alone should bump his percentages up by a point or two. We’ll update this post if he does anything else wild, since there’s still plenty of time left in the game.