NHL:  Washington Capitals Capitals (41-23-7) 6 : 3 New York Islanders Islanders (30-31-10)
NHL:  Ottawa Senators Senators (26-33-11) 3 : 2 Dallas Stars Stars (38-26-8)
NHL:  San Jose Sharks Sharks (39-23-9) 7 : 4 Calgary Flames Flames (35-27-10)
NHL:  Nashville Predators Predators (46-14-10) 4 : 2 Colorado Avalanche Avalanche (38-24-8)
NHL:  Anaheim Ducks Ducks (35-24-12) 4 : 2 Detroit Red Wings Red Wings (26-33-11)
NHL:  Minnesota Wild Wild (39-24-7) 4 : 2 Vegas Golden Knights Golden Knights (45-20-5)
NBA:  Boston Celtics Celtics (47-22) 92 : 83 Orlando Magic Magic (21-49)
NBA:  Philadelphia 76ers 76ers (38-30) 120 : 116 Brooklyn Nets Nets (21-48)
NBA:  Toronto Raptors Raptors (52-17) 122 : 115 Dallas Mavericks Mavericks (22-47)
NBA:  Oklahoma City Thunder Thunder (42-29) 121 : 113 Los Angeles Clippers Clippers (37-31)
NBA:  Miami Heat Heat (36-33) 92 : 91 Los Angeles Lakers Lakers (31-37)
NBA:  Sacramento Kings Kings (22-47) 98 : 93 Golden State Warriors Warriors (52-16)
MLB:   :
MLB:  Toronto Blue Jays Blue Jays (10-11) 6 : 4 Philadelphia Phillies Phillies (8-13-1)
MLB:  Pittsburgh Pirates Pirates (7-12-2) 12 : 9 Atlanta Braves Braves (10-11-1)
MLB:  St. Louis Cardinals Cardinals (10-9-2) 4 : 2 Miami Marlins Marlins (12-7-2)
MLB:  Washington Nationals Nationals (10-9-2) 4 : 2 St. Louis Cardinals Cardinals (9-9-2)
MLB:  Tampa Bay Rays Rays (9-11-1) 11 : 1 Minnesota Twins Twins (10-9-2)
MLB:  Tampa Bay Rays Rays (9-11-1) 11 : 1 Minnesota Twins Twins (10-9-2)
MLB:  Chicago Cubs Cubs (13-7-3) 6 : 3 Chicago White Sox White Sox (10-10-2)
MLB:  Milwaukee Brewers Brewers (14-7-1) 16 : 13 Cincinnati Reds Reds (7-14-1)
MLB:  Oakland Athletics Athletics (10-8-2) 7 : 3 Cleveland Indians Indians (12-9-2)
MLB:  Seattle Mariners Mariners (9-12-1) 9 : 7 Texas Rangers Rangers (7-13-2)
MLB:  Arizona Diamondbacks Diamondbacks (12-9) 4 : 1 Los Angeles Dodgers Dodgers (11-10-1)
MLB:  Colorado Rockies Rockies (9-12-1) 18 : 6 Los Angeles Angels Angels (8-14)
MLB:  Kansas City Royals Royals (11-10-1) 12 : 4 San Diego Padres Padres (10-9-3)
MLB:  Boston Red Sox Red Sox (12-8-1) 4 : 2 Minnesota Twins Twins (10-10-2)
MLB:  Houston Astros Astros (14-6-2) 2 : 0 New York Yankees Yankees (12-8-1)
NFL:   Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers (8-2) 40 : 17 Tennessee Titans Titans (6-4)
NFL:   New York Giants Giants (2-8) 12 : 9 Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs (6-4)
NFL:   Detroit Lions Lions (6-4) 27 : 24 Chicago Bears Bears (3-7)
NFL:   Houston Texans Texans (4-6) 31 : 21 Arizona Cardinals Cardinals (4-6)
NFL:   Minnesota Vikings Vikings (8-2) 24 : 7 Los Angeles Rams Rams (7-3)
NFL:   New Orleans Saints Saints (8-2) 34 : 31 Washington Redskins Redskins (4-6)
NFL:   Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars (7-3) 19 : 7 Cleveland Browns Browns (0-10)
NFL:   Baltimore Ravens Ravens (5-5) 23 : 0 Green Bay Packers Packers (5-5)
NFL:   Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buccaneers (4-6) 30 : 20 Miami Dolphins Dolphins (4-6)
NFL:   Los Angeles Chargers Chargers (4-6) 54 : 24 Buffalo Bills Bills (5-5)
NFL:   Cincinnati Bengals Bengals (4-6) 20 : 17 Denver Broncos Broncos (3-7)
NFL:   New England Patriots Patriots (8-2) 33 : 8 Oakland Raiders Raiders (4-6)
NFL:   Philadelphia Eagles Eagles (9-1) 37 : 9 Dallas Cowboys Cowboys (5-5)
NFL:   Atlanta Falcons Falcons (6-4) 34 : 31 Seattle Seahawks Seahawks (6-4)

Sam Bradford has made so much money in his NFL career, holy crap

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford is set to make up to $20 million this year as the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. That will bring his lifetime earnings to over $134 million. That’s absolutely astonishing when you think about the path he’s taken and that he has never taken his team to the playoffs or even made the Pro Bowl.

Bradford was drafted first overall by the Rams in 2010. Although his career has been marred by injury, he’s still been paid like a top pick throughout it. That’s not changing with his latest deal in Arizona, either. Let’s look at Bradford’s career and compensation by the numbers.

St. Louis Rams: $65,060,000

His first deal — signed before the current CBA put a rookie wage scale into effect — was the priciest ever for a rookie. The $78 million deal carried $50 million in guarantees and had escalators that could have maxed it out at $86 million. The early returns were promising: Bradford broke Peyton Manning’s record for the most completed passes by a rookie and was named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.

The Rams didn’t end up paying out that much, though. Spotrac shows that Bradford earned over $65 million with the Rams, which is still a whole damn lot, especially when you consider the following:

  • Bradford started 49 games. That’s over $1.3 million per game.
  • He won just 18 games during his tenure there. He also had one tie, so we’re going to be charitable. $65.06 million divided by 19 is over $3.4 million per win or tie.
  • Bradford made almost $5,880 per passing yard, $1,102,712 per passing touchdown, and over $63,000 for each completed pass.

There were extenuating circumstances. Bradford played through a high-ankle sprain through most of his second season. He tore his ACL midway through 2013 and then lost the entire 2014 season after tearing the same ACL in a preseason game. The Rams shipped him off to the Eagles via trade during the 2015 offseason.

Philadelphia Eagles: $23,998,119

Bradford started 14 games for the Eagles during a 2015 season that saw him suffer through a concussion and a shoulder injury. The Eagles went 7-7 during his starts. He made:

  • More than $1.7 million per start, and over $3.4 million per win.
  • Just over $6,442 for each of his 3,725 passing yards for the Eagles.
  • $1.263 million per each of his 19 touchdown passes.

The Eagles signed Bradford to an extension, and part of his income from Philadelphia was an $11 million signing bonus connected to that. But the Eagles moved up in the draft to take Carson Wentz with the No. 2 pick in 2016. Right before the season started, Bradford was shipped off to the Vikings after Teddy Bridgewater suffered a gruesome knee injury that would keep him off the field for almost two full seasons.

Minnesota Vikings: $25,026,285

Bradford was on the field for all but one game in his first season with the Vikings. He played well, finishing with 3,877 passing yards, 20 touchdowns, and five picks. His second season started strong, with a 346-yard, three-touchdown performance against the Saints in Week 1. But wear and tear on his knee cost him most of the rest of the 2017 season.

  • The Vikings went 9-8 with Bradford as the starter. That’s over $1.47 million per start and $2.78 million per win.
  • He made $5,876 per passing yard and $1.088 million per touchdown.

Quarterback salaries have skyrocketed, and teams have no choice but to throw outrageous amounts of money at players they think can be viable starters. If we were to break down any quarterback’s pay per win or touchdown or any other key stat, the numbers would be astronomical. That’s the nature of the position right now.

When Bradford has been healthy, he’s generally played well. And it’s not like he tricked teams into giving him these deals. None of this is Bradford’s fault.

But injuries have kept him from reaching his potential and turned him into a bit of a journeyman. He’s never started a playoff game with any team and he hasn’t finished with a winning record as a starter in even one of his eight seasons. That’s why it is staggering to look at the fact that the Cardinals are handing him another $20 million for the 2018 season with an option to hold on to him for $20 million more in 2019. Ravens safety Eric Weddle agrees.

But the Cardinals need a quarterback, so they’re willing to gamble on Bradford. And who knows? If he stays healthy and plays up to his first overall pick potential, he’ll be worth every penny.

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