Olympics 2018 live results: Chloe Kim busts double 1080s after already clinching gold

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Women’s snowboard halfpipe first runs

The Winter Olympics continued on Monday and the biggest thing to watch is the women’s snowboarding halfpipe competition. American Chloe Kim, at 17 years old, is the one to watch, and in her very first run, she put down an incredibly dominant score of 93.75, well ahead of the rest of the field.

In fact, that score ended up being enough to win it.

Her run included a signature inverted 540, she nailed a nice indy grap on her final rotation and finished her run with a 720. She was last to go in the first runs, and she easily took first place. Liu Jiayu of China was in first place with a score of 85.50, with American Kelly Clark in third at 76.25.

Maddie Mastro, another American, fell trying to pull out a 1080 on her first run, and ended up a non-factor with a score of 14.00. Arielle Gold was in a similar spot, with a score of 10.50 after the first runs.

It’s unlikely anybody will beat Kim’s score in the second runs. She seems destined for gold in her first Olympics.

Snowboarding halfpipe second run

Clark improved on her first run, posting a stellar 81.75, but all it did was improve her position in third place behind Jiayu. Mastro again attempted and failed a 1080 right out of the gate in her second run, setting up a desperate need to put together a strong showing in her third run.

Jiayu had a strong run her second time around, as well. She had a switch 720 method to 900 right out of the gate in her run. She put herself within striking distance of Kim with a score of 89.75.

Kim tried to throw the back-to-back 1080 spins, as she is the first woman to ever do it, but she couldn’t quite pull it off in her second run.

Snowboarding halfpipe third run

Gold succeeded in her third run, posting a score of 85.75, which pushed Clark off of the podium. Clark responded by improving on her first and second runs, but her score of 83.50 was not enough to take back third place, so she will not be earning a medal.

Mastro again went for the 1080 right out of the gate — go big or go home. Unfortunately, she coudn’t stick the landing and didn’t make her way to the podium. The first hit downed her on all three runs.

Jiayu went for it on her final run, still in second and trying to unseat Chloe Kim. She pulled off a signature 900, and went for it all right at the end with a 1080, but couldn’t stick it, solidifying Kim as the gold medalist, Jiayu as silver and Gold as bronze.

Kim, in a victory lap, managed to do the double 1080s in her third run, improving her score further to 98.25.


The other notable medal on Monday evening was the bronze in mixed doubles curling. It is the first ever medal handed out in mixed doubles curling, and the match was between Norway and the Olympic Athletes of Russia.

The pair of Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii ended up winning the match, which was close at first but quickly went in their favor. They bested Norway’s Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten, 8-4.

Canada and Switzerland will compete in the gold medal match on Tuesday.

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